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Would you like your children to express themselves better? Are you interested in exploring exciting possibilities with your child? Would you like to assist your child in creating positive change in his or her life?

Charts4Hearts™ aim to do all of the above and more ... so take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelt & get ready to become a part of this groundbreaking development.

Our Creations


A board game which has been developed by psychologists for children to:

  • Stimulate a child’s ability to identify and communicate their feelings appropriately.
  • Facilitate and foster mental and emotional health.
  • Create the gateway for children to talk about serious issues in a playful manner.
  • Encourage children to think for themselves and create solutions to their problems.
  • Help to normalise what children may come face-to-face with on the playground, in the classroom, at home and in other social contexts.

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Our charts for various ages are visual aids for assisting children to express what they are feeling and why they may be feeling that way.

The charts are:

  • versatile, simple, effective and attractive tools
  • inspired by children
  • developed by psychologists, and
  • anchored in practice.

Pre-School Charts

Junior School Charts

Teen Charts

Our feelings charts can be bought as a set or individually.
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About Us

Life through the Charts4Hearts™ Lens

  • Developing emotionally expressive children
  • Encouraging children to think for themselves & create solutions to their problems
  • Normalising issues for children
  • Facilitating mental & emotional health

About Us

Charts4Hearts™ has been developed by Janet Bytheway, Clinical Psychologist, and Christine Kritzas, Counselling Psychologist, from their combined 25 years of experience of working with children and families.

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